99% clean is not clean enough

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Every little step of being a parent takes care


Every Parent wants only the very best for their child. All Sports Solutions & Aeroclave have joined forces to provide the safest, cleanest, & most technologically advanced process to facilitate this mission.

Cleaner, Safer, Stronger

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You have enough to think about, let us make your students safe

Infectious disease can have catastrophic impact on your staff, student athletes and sports programs. Let us help with a hands on, sensible, aggressive approach. From Locker room to weight room and beyond we apply methods of treatment that hit life threatening disease like MRSA & Staph head on. We play “smash mouth” ball with infectious disease and leave you to do what you do best...coach your athletes!

A proactive approach to safer healthier student athletes.

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Athletic Directors

We offer real solutions to the very real threats that exist in the athletic arena. From monthly “hot spot” sterilization for areas like your weight room, trainer’s room & wrestling room to portable systems & installed systems to keep your facilities bacteria free. Our message is simple “Be Proactive not Reactive” The technology to have the upper hand on infectious disease exists—it is up to you to implement it.

Serious Systems that offer Real Solutions.

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